Sonntag, 18. August 2013

1860 München - FC Ingolstadt 04

The bavarian derby between 1860 and FCI with different signs.  Home side started well into the season with 2 wins from 3 matches and they are close to the top but they have to continue their winning way although their performance was very very weak in the last match. Nevertheless the points are there and no one ask how they won these but in the past years they had a lot of problems above all if they could reach the top places or should win to close the gap to the other teams they failed. This can be a thing they have to learn or do better as in the past and they are in the race from beginning on. The situation is clear, normally as with Ingolstadt they meet a team who have won nothing so far and also got not a single point. The statistic is also on their side because Ingolstadt could not win in 8 matches against 1860. Despite all Ingolstadt has a good team but they were even not able to put it on the pitch so far.

The management and coaches saw it very positive that they won 2-1 in Düsseldorf even their performance was awful because Top Teams win matches if they play good or bad the only thing was count is win and this was the case. Despite the bad performance what Schmidt saw he has a lot to improve above all their offensive play was bad and they created less and also their opening play was not the best. Seems a lot of work what they have done this week to get better prepared for the derby. Some changes maybe come as the training give some sign about. Yannick Stark is set to play on central position as he did in the past and he played well anyway but his partner Wannenwetsch was to weak and he is out of the starting lineup while wing Adlung move to the middle and plays beside Stark. This can be dangerous too because he is more a wing and gives with fast actions a lot of options and can create some. This is only because normal central player Stahl is still injured. For Adlung can play Tomasov on the wing who scored the winning goal in Düsseldorf and convinced his coach. Also in offensive gets Lauth a new partner with Hain instead of Wood. The defensive row was solid despite a lot of opportunities they gave away but the pressure from Düsseldorf was huge and therefore acceptable what they played there.

After three loses in a row FC Ingolstadt looks like a relegation candidate but they have a very good squad with a lot of good players but they were not able to play as team together and also score less what is one of the key points but the other is the defensive play. It looks like they come to a head or they have it already. Coach Kurz clam down and he does not change all what was good in preparation weeks for the season. He counts on what they have study and trained and also on the players he has available. Danny da Costa is back from suspension and he plays immediately while Morales move into the middle and plays on central midfield position beside Cohen. The place in midfield lost Pascal Groß who is out of the starting lineup. No other changes expected but one man makes some advertising in 2nd team from Ingolstadt who plays in Regional League Bavaria. Philipp Hofmann scored 6 goals in the past matches and was one of the man who lead this team to the top although he is very young but he showed his strength already in Paderborn last season. He can be an option for the offensive today. If Hofmann is in the team it can be some change in offensive where Caiuby or Korkmaz lose his place.

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