Freitag, 23. August 2013

Borussia Dortmund - Werder Bremen

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The biggest stadium in Germany will be sold out today. Big and absolutely awesome atmosphere in Dortmund as always where a fanatic crowd pushing Borussia Dortmund. Of course they want to do better as last season where they lost a lot of points to beginning or against weaker teams. Therefore they must be concentrated as much as they can and give all in every match. Their start was good with two victories but they must continue this way if they want to hold the pressure on Bayern Munich high. Overall they had some problems, the first 30 minutes against Augsburg but after the lead it was much better and they got a lot of space and with their fast and quick players it is much easier then. Also against Braunschweig last Sunday, they had a lot of problems above all they had no idea to crack a good organized and well playing defensive minded team from Braunschweig. They need a long time to take the lead and after this they got a lot more space again. So an important fact can be to take the lead as fast as they can to get better into the match and use the individual class of their players better. According to their squad Coach Klopp has a lot of options this season as they strength it very well. With some light rotation he can field his starting lineup today. Only key midfielder Gündogan is out with back problems, the others are all available. On central midfield he can count on Sahin, Bender and Kehl but only 2 plays and it is expected that Bender gets a break and Kehl gives his starting debut this season, also Reus is fully fit and ready to start. A lot of possibilities at offensive midfield with Reus, Micki, Aubameyang, Kuba, Hofmann for only 3 places. Goalkeeper Weidenfeller is some doubt here but Langerak is a good replacement as he showed several times already and also this season in Augsburg. But I am sure that Klopp finds the right lineup for today.
Wow, what a start for Werder Bremen after such an awful preparation, and the additional Cup knock out against 3rd league team from Saarbrücken. Of course it was very important for them to win both matches to work in peace after the turbulences in recent weeks. It was also good for Coach Dutt not to get under much pressure to beginning and they solved this but they should also take a look what opponents they had played. It was only newcomer Braunschweig and Augsburg, both teams are sure relegation candidates and this was maybe a must win situation for Bremen against. Win is win but they were in both matches the weaker side and they won maybe lucky above all in Braunschweig. Nevertheless only the win counts and no one talk how they managed it. With Borussia Dortmund they face a much better team and this can be the first big test for Bremen. They should be not to blind and play an open match here, it can be more save to play with a good and defensive organized system. But Bremen is more a team who run and open a lot what let Dortmund a lot of space and opportunities to create some. If they do like this I see no chance for them but if they could minimize their mistakes in defensive and play as organized as they can very close in defensive they can hurt Dortmund as they need a lot of space for their fast and quick players. Why was Dortmund so successful in CL last season, this was only they play big teams who want to play offensive against them and do more for the play as Dortmund because Dortmund counts on their counter attacks. This is gone now as most of the clubs know Dortmund’s style of play. Hopefully Bremen has learned from it already.
This can be a clear match for Dortmund as they are the much better side and Bremen getting sure problems with the offensive power from Dortmund. Also they have a very weak record there, Dortmund celebrated the most wins against Bremen, against no team more (27). Moreover Bremen has not such a stability they need to win there or get anything. They need a lot of time more despite their good start. Dortmund walk on. GL       

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