Sonntag, 25. August 2013

Fortuna Düsseldorf - VfL Bochum

Jump Düsseldorf over Bochum??
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One of the promotion contenders are not in best shape, with only 4 points from 4 matches they are far away for a top place in 2.Bundesliga and also for the immediately return into the 1.Bundesliga. After starting well with a win at home and a draw in Cologne they are on a huge downtrend with 3 loses in a row including Cup knock out against Regional League team from Wiedenbrück. Also their fans are not very pleased about and they are against some players what makes the things not easier. According to this they want to stop their negative run today but with Bochum comes a team who has one point more on their side and have played a really good second half against St. Pauli where they were very close to win this in the end despite 0-2. They played really well and started a good comeback and should have won this in the end because they press a lot and invested much more as Pauli. With a bit of luck, they had.

After Düsseldorf's huge downtrend it was not all well in this trainings week because Coach Büskens was very mad about the performance and he talked a lot to his players. Against Union they were totally outplayed in first half and they had no chance there, it was more as lucky that they were only 0-1 down and after they coming out to second half they conceded immediately the 0-2. Only after Reisinger came in and after they scored it was a bit better with their play but overall to less. This means that a lot of changes can be made today. Important defender Latka can give his debut in starting lineup today and in this case Levels can move to his normal position. Level's was the man who made a lot of mistakes and costs some points for his team and also the Cup knock out was according to his mistake. If he stands in starting lineup is not sure because with Balogun he has a good rival who battle for this position together. Also Lampertz is not at his best level and made additional some mistakes what speaks against him now. He can be also out of the team and the more offensive player with Fink can get his chance beside Bodzek in central midfield. But after Bellinghausen got injured who is a lose for the team with his great fighting spirit Lampertz can be an option on this position. A lot of players are disappointed in the past and one of them is also Bolly who must on bench and Reisinger comes in. An option can be new signing Erwin Hoffer who knows this league were well as he played for Frankfurt and Kaiserslautern already but he is only in starting lineup if Büskens tries to play with two strikers what makes it difficult for playmaker Kenia to start then. A lot of changes in team but after such a run Coach Büskens gives all and hopefully he has done the right things.

The situation in Bochum is a bit better and the team got a lot of self confidence with the draw against Pauli although they were close to win. Also a lot of options for Coach Neururer who has a lot to choose from in midfield because with at last suspended Tiffert and Cwielong he gets two players back and also new signing Zahirovic is fit and ready now. This means three alternatives more for him and the battle for the places in team are very hard now. Sure in team are Latza and Jungwirth who played really good against Pauli, while Jungwirth scored the equalizer and was one of the best players on the pitch. Youngster Bulut is no option for the starting lineup but on bench he is. This can be the case for Tiffert although he has a lot of experience and could help the team anyway. Returning Cwielong is immediately in team and plays as wing while Tasaka can move forward and plays maybe former Düsseldorf player Illsö who can get a chance against his former club here. Both are behind the lone striker Sukuta Pasu who is not known for his scoring skills as he needs a lot of opportunities. He looks very harmless in all the matches and I do not know why not Aydin gets the place here. But maybe Coach Neururer knows it surely better.  

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