Samstag, 17. August 2013

SC Freiburg - FSV Mainz 05

I wrote a lot from Freiburg last weekend and all my doubts were correct. Sorry but I do not know what all are having with Freiburg, they were taken huge last weekend and it looks like that they are taken this weekend again. Once again. Freiburg is not the team from last season. They lost almost their whole offensive with Kruse, Caligiuri, Rosenthal, Makiadi and Flum and also with Santini and Jendrisek two bench players and also offensive guys. So a lot of work to do for Coach Streich who has to field an absolutely new offensive. It was not all well in the past above all their Cup match showed a lot off weakness in offensive where they could not create much against a lower division team who was the better side additional. Of course they won after Extra time who cares but they showed not much against Leverkusen again. An absolutely plus from last season was that they played really compact, all together from Offensive to defensive but this is not the case at the moment because a lot of new players in starting lineup needs time and learn to know each other better and where my partner runs and so on. This need all a lot of time but time is to less above all if you play in Bundesliga and need to collect points or win matches. Additional problem can be EL in the future where they must manage Bundesliga, EL and Cup. I think this can be a bit to much for this team.

On the other side they face an opponent who has no worries and seems in good shape. Coach Tuchel understand it very well to work with young players and he gives them a lot of confidence anyway. So they gave some back last match with a good start into the season. Of course they want to continue this way and therefore Freiburg is the right opponent for them at the moment. Mainz lost not much from their squad and can count on almost the same, no they strength it more and this is the outcome what we have seen last weekend. The only problem this week for Coach Tuchel was the absent of several players, around 9 players were away for their national teams and if all return well and healthy it speaks nothing against the same starting lineup as against Stuttgart. The same squad then, Soto who was important player last season is not in the squad because he has to do some individual training after his injury but sooner or later he can be an option for Tuchel again. 

At the moment I see Mainz as the much better prepared team as Freiburg. Sorry but I do not understand why count so many around on Freiburg. This team lost 5 of their starters and 2 of their bench players, they signed a lot of new guys but it needs time and they are far away from last year's form or style of play. Additional they are on a 5 matches winless run against Mainz. Overall if we compare both the better choice can here only Mainz.


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