Samstag, 24. August 2013

VfR Aalen - 1.FC Kaiserslautern

After their huge defeat last weekend Aalen wants to return to winning ways but just today they face one of the top teams in 2.Bundesliga with 1.FC Kaiserslautern. This can be a very hard nut for them and it needs a lot of input and power. But after their 1-5 they have nothing to lose and maybe this is the right opponent to the right time now. On the other side Kaiserslautern expect a more defensive minded Aalen team who count on counter. Because of this they had some example with Aue last weekend as they won 2-1 but the result has been higher anyway. All the players are warned from the result in the past and they know that Aalen is very dangerous and according to their last result much more as normal. They want to turn things around and show that they can be much better as they were in Cottbus. 

After the huge defeat Aalen's coach was relaxed because he knows that this can happen sometimes but we should learn from such matches and do better next time. Therefore he does the same as always in training and preparation for this match but some changes are possible. Their offensive can be with Lechleitner, Klauß and Valentini while Reichwein must on bench then. Some expect changes in the defensive because with 5 goals against them it seems problems at this positions but Coach said that he trust the same although Hübner was involved by 4 goals and had not his best day but he plays according to Coach Ruthenbeck. Hence he counts almost on the same lineup as against Cottbus they should reactivate themselves. Only 2nd keeper Bernhardt got injured in training and is out for this match but should be no problem at all.

Kaisersautern come with a 2-1 win against Aue to Aalen and they want continue their run. This is a must win match for them anyway against a weaker team who plays maybe against relegation while Kaiserlsautern has much higher aims with promotion. No problems has Coach Foda who has all available only long term injured Torrejon, Alushi and Bunjaku are out. Therefore he can choose from a lot as their squad is big. Also defender Orban who got injured against Aue is ready for this match otherwise Simunek and Heintz are options too. According to the players and on what system Foda counts he can play with different models. This means with two strikers or with one striker and an offensive midfield player behind. Option 1: Idrissou/Zoller or Occean and Option 2: Idrissou and midfielder Fortounis. But according to Foda's interview about Fortounis it is very doubtful that he plays as he mentioned that he is not at 100% and he needs still some weeks to reach top level. But he is ready to play from beginning and he has the power for 60 minutes maybe. So it would be interesting what decisions he makes. 

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