Sonntag, 18. August 2013

Borussia Dortmund - Eintracht Braunschweig

The black yellow started well into the season and they showed some good combinations, good pressing and awesome finishing. It was not only Dortmund who played because the first 30 minutes was more Augsburg who was very aggressive and allowed Dortmund nothing. So Dortmund came hard into the match but after the first goal they were the team who dominate and created some good opportunities and scored as well above all new striker Aubameyang was the man of the day with his 3 goals. Overall a good performance from Dortmund where Coach Klopp counts almost all players from last season, only Aubameyang was on the right wing instead of Kuba. All the other positions were taken from keeper Langerak (Weidenfeller was suspended), defensive Schmelzer, Hummels, Subotic and Großkreutz, defensive midfield Sahin and Bender, offensive Gündogan while Reus and Aubameyang played on the wings and Lewandowski up front. This lineup changes today as with Gündogan is one of the important players out with injury. This can be that the new man from Donezk Micki gives his debut on the offensive midfield position but he was out for weeks now and maybe Klopp does not want to risk much and therefore Reus plays offensive and Kuba comes in as wing. Also Weidenfeller is back in goal, all the others maybe the same as mentioned above from Augsburg match.

After long time Eintracht Braunschweig is back in 1.Bundesliga and they started good into the season although they lost their first match more as unlucky against Werder Bremen because they were the better side and they invested much more as Bremen. In second half they open more and was close to take the lead but they could not finish their actions. Overall solid play by a team who plays only against relegation, more is not expected from them. Maybe this was a bit lack of experience that they lost 0-1 with a late goal and also not to finish some of their good chances. But nevertheless they have to look forward and continue their work. Surely they are huge underdog against Dortmund and it can be that they are a bit nervous in front of 80.000 supporters who make a lot of noise. Coach Lieberknecht counts of course on a defensive tactic against the giant from Dortmund. This can be 4-3-2-1 with 3 defensive midfield players that they give not many space away in their half and build up a big wall what can be a good choice. They want to hold as long as they can a draw and maybe make Dortmund a bit nervous. Hopefully they can. Kumbela is not available due to his injury and he is not ready yet.

Ok it can be so clear but the match must be played and we see a big defensive wall from Braunschweig today and Dortmund needs some ideas to crack them. They have to play with fast combinations if they want to come through but if they take the lead what happen sooner or later it can be done. I do not expect that Braunschweig can hurt Dortmund here. Of course the last matches were all won from Braunschweig, these were all in Cup but nevertheless at normal days a clear home win.


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