Dienstag, 27. August 2013

SC Freiburg - Bayern München

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Round 4 starts on Tuesday today, right on Tuesday. Because Bayern Munich plays on friday for the European Supercup against Chelsea in Prague. Therefore this match is terminated earlier this week. Not a lot time to prepare for this match for both but they should handle it anyway. The situation is a bit different before this match. Bayern Munich started well and collected 3 wins out from 3 matches while Freiburg had a lot of problems and were not able to continue their run from last season.

I wrote it already on the first match day that Freiburg need much more time because they lost 5 offensive players and all of them were starters. This means that not all working well from beginning on because of a lot of new players and changes. Of course Coach Streich is not very pleased about it but he knows and said it already before the season that this will be a very hard season for them and they have to do a lot of work. The first two matches they had almost no chance and were dominated from their opponents, last one it was a curious one against Hoffenheim with a lot of goals, cards and mistakes from both teams. If they should be happy or sad about the point it is very hard to explain, first they were down but in the end they lead 3-2 but were not able to hold Hoffenheim away and allowed them the equalizer in the end. Moreover they got two red cards and both are not available with Mehmedi and Coquelin today. The card for Coquelin was a big doubt and not justified but they have to live with it now. In case of both missing the situation is getting worse now as Coach Streich must change again. Defensvie row should be the same, only Diagne is a doubt with knee problems should he pass Krmas can play instead of him. In central midfield Schuster and Fernandes are set to play there while in offensive Kerk can replace suspended Coquelin as wing. The other option is Hanke who is back in training after his injury but not out what Coach Streich plans. Additional some moves with Guede, Freis and Hanke are possible. Not available are Mehmedi, Hedenstad, Terazzino, Coquelin and Pilar. For this reason a short bench additional for Freiburg. But overall we can expect a much more defensive minded team from Freiburg today.

Bayern Munich started well but they looked not such strong as last season where they played must faster and have much more actions in the box and also some surprise moments on their side. This is gone with the style of Guardiola’s passing play. They play around the box and this very slow what gives their opponent a lot of time to organize their defensive row again. Maybe this style of play is good and Guardiola makes Bayern Munich better in the future but at the moment I see only one step back. Despite their three wins they convinced not much and if they faced a better opponent as they did it would have been not so well result wise. Above all Gladbach has a lot of chances to overcome Bayern but they were not able to use all the space and good opportunities they had. Against Frankfurt it was a bit better in defensive but in the end Frankfurt had the chance to equalize but missed it. Also against Nürnberg last weekend Bayern needs a long time to take the lead but if Ginczek had scored early for Nürnberg in first half Bayern had not won this. Guardiola plans to control the ball as much as they can and also both defensive wings playing more further forward what opened a lot of space for their opponents in the past there. If they can not solve this more problems arrive in the upcoming matches. Bayern’s squad is deep and they have on all positions replacements so it is not such difficult for them to replace Thiago who got injured against Nürnberg and is out longer now, also Kirchhoff was slight injured but not such important anyway. The spain national player Martinez face some problems and is out for this match again. Due to 3 matches in a week some changes are expected. Defensive row can be Lahm (Rafinha), van Buyten (Boateng), Dante and Alaba, central midfield Schweinsteiger, offensive Kroos, Müller, Robben, Ribery (Shakiri) and alone striker Pizzaro. Instead of Thiago and Götze are Kroos and Müller expected because they gave Bayern’s play a lager drive against Nürnberg as Thiago and Götze did. Mandzukic gets a break and Pizzaro his first chance to show his skills.
Normally this is an easy one for Bayern Munich what the last 22 matches between both teams show. In all these matches Bayern Munich lost not one, they won 18 and draw 4, this is the longest streak from teams against each other in Bundesliga at the moment. Despite the problems from Bayern in defense I expect a win for them because Freiburg is to weak at the moment above all in offensive and they have not the fast players they need to come behind both wings from Bayern and use the space they get. Away win. GL   

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