Freitag, 30. August 2013

FSV Frankfurt - Greuther Fürth

Coach Kramer must replace striker Djurdic

Wow what a streak, Greuther Fürth’s last defeat against FSV Frankfurt was 31 years ago, exactly on 04.12.1982. But nevertheless they played only 9 times in the past against each other but FSV was not able to win one of these nine. Moreover Coach Möhlmann who was former Coach from Fürth gives not much about this statistic and he said that they are more as able to compete with all teams in this leagues. They have the self confidence and self concept for this but he warns also because with Fürth comes one of the promotion contenders today and they are on a better level maybe same as Union or better. Therefore he requires from his team to play as compact as they can and work together and help each other with or against the ball. On the other side Kramer said that this match is an important one for him and this can be a sign for the upcoming matches. They could show their power against Kaiserslautern and Cologne and this were important lessons that they can compete with Top teams this season and also that they are on a competitive basis.
After 5 Rounds Greuther Fürth is on top of the table with 4 wins and a draw but their performances were not always well and they had some luck in the past as they were totally dominated from KSC but won in the end and also in Aalen or second half against Bielefeld. Nevertheless they got the points and this is the key, nothing else. They play a very compact style and they have a very good team for 2.Bundesliga. Coach Kramer understands to build up a very good squad after their disaster season in 1.Bundesliga. For today he has almost all players available only important striker Djurdic is out beside long term injured Tyrala. This means that he search only for the second striker beside Azemi. This can be power pack Mudrinski or new signed youngster Füllkrug who comes from Werder Bremen on loan. A lot speaks for the new man in team as he is fully fit and was very active this trainings week. Additional is Baba back after his injury and he has worked hard to get closer to the team and after his debut this season last weekend as substitute he is ready for starting today. Coach Kramer was very pleased and praised Baba, this can be a sign too. A small questionmark was behind defender Mavraj after he gets ill under the week but it seems that he is ready for the match. With only two players unavailable Coach Kramer has a very good situation at the moment.
The home team riding a wave of success with 3 unbeaten matches at the moment. In all the past three matches Coach Möhlmann counts on the same starting lineup and has normally nothing to change but they face some problems. Above all defender Huber and Kandziora could not train under the week. Both want to try that they are available but it can be difficult, Kandziora trained on Tuesday already while Huber does only light running. It means more that Kandziora can play while Huber must be replaced by Teixeira. Because of this Möhlmann can not count on the same starting lineup and has to change. Also not available is defender Heitmeier who face some problems and is out. Playmaker Yelen is back in squad and can be an option for some minutes in the end but after the national break he wants to be fully fit and ready for more.

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