Freitag, 30. August 2013

Arminia Bielefeld - Fortuna Düsseldorf

Newcomer Bielefeld started well into the season and they showed that they are able to compete in this league. Their performances were good but they are not very pleased with the outcome so far. They want to do better and in this case they want to win their first home match against Düsseldorf this season. On the other side Düsseldorf after a huge downtrend they showed some improvement, not huge but they do and won 1-0 against Bochum. Now, they want continue their way and climb up in table but this can only happen with a win here.
As I mentioned already Arminia’s performances were well, also last weekend against Ingolstadt where they took the lead twice but could not bring it to an end and lost very unlucky 2-3. After this match we have a national break and if they do not want to stand near the bottom of the table they have to win here. Against the lineup in Ingolstadt Coach Krämer changes back to his normal starting lineup with Lorenz and Hille who was both on bench, surprisingly. For Lorenz is Strifler out of the team, for Hille there are some in danger in offensive midfield from last weekend. Some options and moves or changes in midfield expected, Müller can play as wing and central in midfield both options are possible and if he plays as wing Schönefeld must on bench but if he plays central Jerat is out as starter. Hopefully Coach Krämer does the right things here. On bench will be new signing from Feyenoord Achahbar but no option for the starting lineup so far.  
In Düsseldorf they are more than convinced that they have done the turnaround against Bochum and they hope that they are on the right way now. But they must continue the way they did last weekend. With the returning of long time injured defender Latka the defensive row works much better now. He is the head and very important. In both matches he played they won without conceding a single goal. Therefore no changes in defensive, also central midfield with Bodzek and Fink works much better as with Lambertz instead of Fink. Offensive they have some problems and some changes are expected. Lampertz played on the wing against Bochum because with Bellinghausen’s absent they have no real replacement for the fighter in team. He is still injured and not ready yet. On of the biggest blow is that playmaker Kenia who showed a good form in recent matches is a big doubt for today’s match, also striker Benshop got injured and is not in the squad. Coach Büskens has a lot to do to build up an absolutely new offensive row. Benshop’s replacement can be Hoffer but he is not at 100% and can play maybe 70 minutes while the miss from Kenia is not to replace. Maybe some system change can bring the hopes back and it seems that they count on two strikers. Beside Hoffer plays Reisinger and his open places on the wing can take Bolly. A bit difficult for Düsseldorf today as they have to change and move a lot.

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