Montag, 19. August 2013

Union Berlin - Fortuna Düsseldorf

This is the last match of Round 4 when Union Berlin hosts Fortuna Düsseldorf on monday evening. Both started average into the season but both are named as promotion contenders before the season. Whether they belong to this group will show up in the next few weeks. Both want to enter their second victory in order to look up in the table. The Loser, however, stays in the lower half of the table and have to invest a lot to close the gap to the top but of course it can change quickly to beginning of the season again. The trend speaks more for Union, they lost vs. Bochum 1-2 but got a draw at Bielefeld and showed their best performance with the win in Dresden 3-1. Exactly the opposite way from Düsseldorf who won to beginning 1-0 against Cottbus, collected a draw in Cologne and lost very unlucky 1-2 to 1860 Munich but continued their downtrend.

Union Coach Neuhaus would most like to field the same eleven who was absolutely strong against Dresden but he has to wait if Özbeck is ready as he suffer some back problems and could not practice so far. This would be a bog blow because he build up a very strong duo with Kreilach in central midfield. Nevertheless Neuhaus counts on the same tactic 4-2-3-1 what worked very well if Özbeck can play or not. If all is ok and the same lineup plays but if not some changes can be that Parensen move into the middle beside Kreilach while Kohlmann comes into the starting lineup as back wing. The offense would be the same with alone striker Nemec and Mattuschka behind him in midfield with all options.

Despite the lose against 1860 Munich no changes expected in the lineup from Fortuna Düsseldorf. They played really well and put a lot of pressure on 1860 but they were not able to finish their good opportunities they create. Sooner or later they must start to score if they want to win matches apart their dominance they had in home matches but away it is different as they not known for a solid away team in the past. Because of new signing Hoffer is not allowed to play today, Benschop is the lone striker again. Behind him convinced Kenia as playmaker but he has some fitness deficit and should work on it to reach the best level he needs. Next problem for Coach Büskens is that injured Latka needs one week more for his return into the squad and therefore he has to count on Bomheuer and Levels again but most of the fans was very angry about Levels and run their displeasure on him. All his team mates were very shocked about the behavior of the fans. In spite of Coach Büskens is very confident about the experienced player and he trust him to 100% again and gave some advice for the fans.

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