Sonntag, 18. August 2013

Dynamo Dresden - FSV Frankfurt

The atmosphere is not very good in Dresden because they are on a bottom place and they do not want to have the same problems as last season. So they must get back on track and this immediately today. Otherwise it looks like that Coach Pacult is the one who will be sucked. After 3 matches without a win and a lot of trouble in the summer break about him it can be his last chance maybe this sunday. The performances were not the best in the past and so the pressure against FSV Frankfurt is very high now. Of course the fans are behind the team and they push them all the match but they are already against the Coach a bit. Not an easy match as FSV coming from their first win and it seems that they are playing better together now after some problems in pre matches with injuries and a lot of new players while also some left the club. 

Overall the squad or starting lineup is not the same as last match against Union where the performances was awful. Gueye who saw the red card against Union is suspended here and Pacult must bring a new player for him, this can be new signing Schulz who gets his starting debut. Very strained are all around who the offense lineup would be. Some want that they play 4-4-2 instead of only one striker with Pote who has not scored in his last 17 matches. So they need to play with two strikers above all at home where they are in a must win situation now, so Dedic can be an option here and they should try it. Both played 2011/12 together and scored incredible 25 goals for Dresden, maybe some remember and maybe Coach Pacult. If both are in starting lineup the offensive position from Fiel is gone and he move back in central midfield while Menz is out of the team. But not enough with all the problems, as Coach Pacult gave an interview and he said that he is not very pleased that some from the press or around the club say in which lineup he has to play. Some play with the fire there now, I think he does the opposite they want and this give a lot of trouble :))

FSV travelled to Dresden with good mood because they got the first win and this was important for their self confidence and the upcoming matches. So they have a lot of motivation now and the team working better and better together and they know that they are able to have some success again. Till Tim Heubach the whole squad is available and gives Möhlmann a lot of options for today. Zafar Yelen is back in training but he is not yet by 100%, he said that he is on a good way but he needs 3-4 weeks more to be on top level. Both Albania national players returned healthy that Coach Möhlmann can count on the same starting lineup as last weekend.  

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